Recipe Card for Plant Prepped

Challenge: To create recipe cards with a similar look and feel as their website.

Solution: I used big images, clean fonts and similar colours to those found on the website.  I used the icon background image from the website to create the sidebar on the cards.

Lifestyle Tracking Journal

Challenge: To create a 3 month journal for patients to track their health goals and to provide inspiration.

Solution: Every week begins with a motivational quote. There is room for tracking fitness, food intake, supplements and medication and sleep. At the bottom of the left hand pages there is a tip or quote of the day.  There is enough room to write and take notes.

Is there a logo in your future?

If so please read my blog post Logo design considerations to learn more about logo design best practices.

"I highly recommend Tania for your graphic design needs. She created an awesome logo for me and was so great to work with - excellent communicator, professional, organized, and delivered exactly what was promised!"

Kel Betts

Business card

Challenge: To create a square card similar to her business cards for her hairdressing business.

Solution: I used the same font. I kept the white space and border around the cards. The graphics are simple and although the colours are different, they are the same shade.


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